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Our Mission

To balance the scales by empowering every female
with literacy, education and training.

There are certain rights that humanity regards as universal. Every person should have access to clean drinking water, food, and shelter; freedom of travel, speech and religion; and control over national resources. All too often these rights are stripped away from the poorest and most vulnerable – who are disproportionately female.


At FemEd, we know that knowledge is power and we believe that access to learning opportunities should also be a universal human right. Education empowers people to lift themselves out of poverty, to resist oppression, and above all, to secure their universal rights. 


We will fight tirelessly to bring equal educational opportunities to women and girls in countries where they are under-represented in the classroom. 

Education is the Key

Making a Difference

The United Nations Girls' Education Initiative (UNGEI) tells us that female education "plays a large part in global development." But it is an unfortunate fact that females are disenfranchised from educational opportunities in many parts of the world. This disenfranchisement contributes to terrible hardships and suffering in certain regions, from high infant mortality to crushing poverty.


By assisting females in building literacy and education, we help struggling populations to gain control over their natural resources, decrease poverty, and increase female rights in balancing the gender wage gap. We intend to do this by working with local communities, NGOs and governmental agencies to build schools that provide relevant and useful education. 

Our Mission: Service
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